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Welp, it is apparent we can live in two worlds & the same shit can happen.

After skimming through the other "free speech" platforms, I still prefer my gang of nobodies here. I am supreme ruler of my single user instance. I rule myself, obviously. We are steps ahead of most.

This person is wasting time asking a (most likely outsourced) CS rep in another county why the company is denying Parler web hosting services for political reasons.

They're actually encouraging this. Exactly what impact will this have? You're just barking at the wrong tree.

If you're angry at Amazon, stop giving them business.

I’m going to make a violent threat on someone’s life. I will not act on it because I hate having to clean up a mess. Imagine scrubbing blood, chopping up a body & then get rid of it? Too much work. Plus, I just gave myself away! Honestly, I’m only venting.

Thought police, come suspend me now.


You've always had it. You'll always have it. Use it.

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Now there's a word people take for granted. You are where you are now because you've allowed it.

So now there's Gab, Parler, CloutHub.. what else? Are people seriously going to sign up for each one & maintain all these accounts?

People seem to want “more of the same” alternatives.

The way I see it, Twitter is committing suicide & it’s perfectly fine.

Ice ice baby. So far, it’s a single direction skate rink. It’ll get bigger.

There could be a spike in dumb phone sales & we may never hear about it.

Even if it was an honest election & Trump didn’t win, the number of votes he got is worth everyone’s undivided attention. You have a divided country.

Republicans too need to pay attention to what their voters want from them. Clearly, their voters are done with the old shit. They want that swamp drained.

I’ve just found out that my twin brother contributes to a Swiss YouTuber under the name, “Pong Lenis”.


Political pundits now on Parler are saying, “ooh look at my followers count, it doubled”. As if that’s an indication of potency in their messaging. You are still preaching to the same crowd who think like you.

Sorry Donald, you are no longer allowed to share your playlist or your recipes. Definitely not your lip sync & dance videos.

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"I've read your file. I've also read your dog file."