Why does this guy pretend that the intelligence agency he once directed has never aided / committed such so called violations in the name of plausible deniability. Fuck off, Brennan.


I agree. I’m more annoyed that they don’t do it quick enough before it develops into a hydra head. Wait too long to kill one & the replacement is an even worse tyrant.

I have my issues with Eugenics. I think it goes against nature’s way of balancing itself. The consequences of meddling with that seems more dangerous.


There’s still an air of unpredictability around Trump which is a breath of fresh air, IMO. The news media will gladly use that to start something. For them to state that the Israeli military is “preparing” is comical. I think they have been patiently prepared.


Blame Trump is a global trend in foreign policies sans the hashtag.

I don’t know why people still “speculate” on who assassinates Iranian scientists who are part of the nuclear program these days.


I asked him what he loves more. Pretty sure this is the first thing he looked at, and then he turned to look at me.

It’s fine, I feel the same.

Chief Justice Roberts is the kind of guy you just want to kick hard square in the nuts.

Not sure why it took me so long to finally move here. Romandy can kiss my arse.


For a long time, I thought he was a basketball player.

Ooh General Flynn got pardoned with the turkey. Good day for America!!

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"I've read your file. I've also read your dog file."