Need more puppy in my life. Eat, sleep, shit, play, look cute. Repeat.

Day job. When I feel like it.
Testing the F40s fuel injector.

This is Gollum. He ignored me because he thinks I gave the ponies more love than him.

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St Moritz 👋🏻🙋🏼‍♀️🇨🇭♥️

I got this truffle from the usual dealer today. Took it home & ate every sliver of the money I paid for it.

Also, this is NOT GOOD.
The whisky is good but not good that it's gone.

Tonight's episode of gastro workshop. We grill fish.

I like old exotic Italian cars.
I also happen to like the same kind of men. Except I can fix cars but I cant fix my guy when his innards fail.

I'm tired of these people. Fuck your pronouns. Shove it deep in the hole where your mother released you into this world.

Normally I'd disagree but seeing and hearing what's happening, they have plenty of legitimate reasons why.

Rudy: What publication are you with?
Reporter: CNN
Everyone: *lolz*

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"I've read your file. I've also read your dog file."