Do most Americans know their government is corrupt or they're in denial phase because, you know, most powerful nation in the world.. that's like.. embarrassing?

Your hamper for dirty clothes is going to spill out one day & you might wish you had done the washing sooner. Oh but, we own the media, people will never know. Teehee.

Either way, your government is much too large. Much too powerful because you've elected the wrong people who have acted on their interests & not the people they serve

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@lo The ones that care know. Most don't care. Dirty clothes was a good analogy. Corruption of clothes and people is just natural and has to be expected and regularly dealt with. A lot of people believe and trust in the goodness of people despite all of the evidence to the contrary.


I get that scales tip to one side & then the other with time. It's the D's turn now then the R's fight back to level it. I think most people wait for things to blow up in their face to start caring. That characteristic is sadly also human nature.

I sincerely hope there are more good & brave people out there. We need them all the time, even in a time of peace.

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