Silly little instance admins getting a taste of power. lol. Please, you're a nobody banning another nobody.

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Oh no. I'm just reading about some admins behaving like totalitarians.

@lo Haha, well at least people have a lot of choice here. How did you come across the Fediverse? Most folks are fairly into computers if they run their own instance. I always figured you as more of a car person, though they're not mutually exclusive.


I left Twitter in 2017 & found Mastodon as an alternative. I have an on/off relationship with social media. I got bored so I attempted to run my own on a Raspberry Pi.

I ran a single-user for about a month & realised I wasn't savvy enough. I could have learned more but my business picked up & didn't have time to develop. I'm not a total "computer" idiot, I guess.

Now I just pay someone to setup, host, update & maintain it. 😄 someday I'll self host again. Eventually.

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