Erik Prince is a snake oil salesman kind of guy and I love to hate him. Actually, he's a fascinating character to me. I have a thing for alpha males.

"Erik Prince: Blackwater’s founder Talks guns, Tactics, Logistics, and Politics"

Some men, even the shady dirty af ones with big dick energy are very interesting to read about. Erik Prince is not the type who is afraid of innovation in the most grotesque acts humankind has created - WAR.

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“The Candace Owens Show: Erik Prince”

I don’t think he’s as crazy as people would make you believe.

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“Civilian Warriors” by Erik Prince (written & narrated)

I like to dig deep into rabbit holes.

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Imagine doing research on a prominent character & everything you've read about them for the past 13 years is negative.

Imagine believing everything you read about this person until you realize, these articles from "journalists" are part of the left's propaganda against this person as they've conveniently used him as the fall guy for their agenda to move forward.

Imagine your name/character tarnished.

Imagine everything negative about what PMCs do is tied to you.

Imagine being Erik Prince.

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So the world gets its panties tied in a knot to label mercenaries & PMCs (Private Military Company) the profiteers of war.

One of the oldest professions in history is that of a mercenary (& prostitutes). In the recorded histories of war as far back as 1200 BC had mercenaries fighting in it. Hell, it helped liberate America from the Brits.

They are important characters in war tales as old as time. People now act as if it's a new terrible idea the modern civilized world created.

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I'm starting to sound like I'm writing in defense of Erik Prince & his plans to privatise war. The military's rules of engagement & its conventional methods are outdated & useless in fighting terrorists in sandals on donkeys in the mountains.

We love to hate on the guy who is making money whilst people are dying. Believe it or not, men who become mercenaries actually feel fulfilled in their jobs. It is what they've trained to do & what they are good at. If not this war, there's always another.

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