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Biden Campaign confirmed authenticity of the "stupid bastards" video. Also said Biden said it, jokingly. 🥴

Sure. But if Trump said it, the media will air it 24/7 & the Dems will throw a tantrum.

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For the record, the video was from 2016. Notice the lack of mask & social distancing.

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Joe Biden tells troops to "Clap for that, you stupid bastards." 😬

"Meghan Markle reportedly has serious ambitions to run for president"

President of what exactly? The Woke Association of Irrelevant Classless Golddiggers?

To the Americans, especially the Hollywood types who have been threatening to leave the USA when Trump got elected, very little of them came thru with actually moving to another country.

Cry babies.

The revolution is also sponsored by big corporate America.

This made me laugh. 😂
Word on the street is Michelle Obama is a man so..

In other more important news, our dog got new titanium 🦷. 😍

I love you, Knox.

There, Trump said it & it's now on paper. "Any healthcare reform legislation that comes to my desk from Congress MUST protect pre-existing conditions, or I won't sign it."

Democrats have been accusing him of removing that healthcare clause. Not true & was never true.

Superb thread of "follow the money" into organisations who received coronavirus PPP loans & bailed rioters.

"Democrats' pivot to in-person voting"

😂😂😂 Guess they figured they can't win it in the Supreme Court & mail-in fraud has been sizzling in the news.

So Trump & His wife was booed when he paid his respects in a moment of silence for RBG. Clearly, they hate Trump more than they respect RBG. It’s what to be expected from vile Democrats these days.

Prayers for this Dad whose son, one of the police officers was shot in Louisville.

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A shooter is in custody after two police officers were shot in Louisville. Shooter appears in video.

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Again, if my meal ever gets disturbed by these children - I will react violently.

Seriously, work hard. Set goals. Make money. One day, drive a Ferrari along the coast.

Louisville: two police officers have been shot & taken to hospital.

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Where’s the National Guard? I thought they have been deployed. Maybe they’re just protecting federal property?

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