Landlines in cars. That was a luxury add-on in the 90s. This was one of the gentlemen drivers from yesterday’s gentlemen road trip.

This is superb advertising for the geländewagen as an escape car. I also can’t stop watching it over & over again.

Here's an insane woman berating a man with a dog. I wanted to know why & how this escalated but at some point her screaming simply makes me want to suckerpunch her. I do admire his patience with her. No one has ever yelled at me in that way.

Watch this video til the end though. It ended quite funny. 👋🏻 “Bye!!”

Video by: RayGarciaHawaii on Twtr

UPDATE & A PLOT TWIST: The arson’s grandmother, who by the way got him caught, is a Trump supporter. 😂😂😂

Can’t make this up!

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The lies the New York Times spreads isn't contained in America any more but they're also injecting & infecting other nations, too. Defund NYT!

When the city government in Minneapolis tells it's residents to be prepared to give up their mobiles, wallets or handbags to criminals is very sad. The city has had 100 robberies and 20 carjackings last month.

Who is going to want to live in that city? Unfortunately, the poor who are mostly minorities will be the ones who will suffer greatly because they can't afford to pack up and leave.

Drive-in Movie Nights are awesome. Courtesy of St Moritz and Ronnie K. ♥️🇨🇭

A quiet Sunday with the most important people in my life. That's only about 5 people. I don't need much.

Today, I learned that the random stomach aches I get are NOT from the copious amounts of food I stuff myself with. It’s apparently from STRESS. Stress I don’t feel. Stress that I’ve subconsciously coped with but still has negative physical effects.

So I guess living the good life can still be stressful. Living IS stress.

I highly recommend following @Skeletor ..always makes my day.

Arrested for arson. Minimum of 5 years thanks to his grandmum. 😂

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CNN: “Individuals with a cervix..”
Women.. we are called WOMEN.

A smooth sea never made a skilled pirate.

Oh you know, just some Ferraris. It’s Ferrari Friday! (I’m going to make this a thing.)

This is a daily reminder that some of the most vile and disgusting people are on Twitter with blue checks.

So when famous politicians die in America, they can fill an entire church for the funeral. Even have a former president as a guest. Whilst regular people who die of Covid19, their families will hold funerals over zoom calls.

So fair, innit?

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